LVR – 9 juli – symposium

Lector Karel van der Waarde houdt een voordracht als onderdeel van het symposium:

New Views 2
Conversations and Dialogues in Graphic Design
July 9-11, 2008
London College of Communication,
University of Arts, London


Statements about the profession of graphic design are frequently based on assumptions. Examples of these assumptions are that ‘a lot of graphic design work is done by tiny agencies who work below the normal rates from lofts and bedrooms’, ‘graphic design in large cities differs from graphic design in small cities’, ‘a lot of graphic designers do not have any formal education in graphic design’ and ‘their clients must be local trade and small and medium-sized enterprises’.
These statements regularly appear in discussions related to ‘the creative class’, graphic design education, and the visibility of the profession of graphic design. It is likely that the discussions would benefit if data about actual graphic design practice would be available.

Research questions
The main aim of this project is to investigate if general assumptions are applicable to graphic design practice in a relatively small city in the Netherlands. The research questions focus specifically on the design-methods and quality-judgments of graphic designers.

(onderzoeks assistentie: Maurits Vroombout)