LVR – 10 september – gastlezing


‘Graphic design: practice – research – education’
Gastlezing door Karel van der Waarde
Donderdag 10 september om 11:00
Masteropleiding grafisch ontwerpen, akv stjoost, Beukenlaan 1, Breda 4854 TA

A: The research group ‘visual rhetoric’.
– origins and aims of the research group.
– tangible results: readers, research, contacts

B: Research: describing graphic design practice
The research of the group tries to figure out how professional graphic design practice currently functions. It revealed a scala of different activities: every company has its own profile.
Furthermore, the research showed that it is possible to group the activities into three broad categories:
1: activities that deal with visual elements, such as text, illustrations and graphs.
2: activities that have to do with visual strategies: what are the visual aims of a project?
3: activities that relate designers with commissioners (co-operation) and actual beholders (interpretation).

C: This grouping of activities
can be applied to practice (it can be used to decide on a strategy for a company), education (it can be used for curriculum development) and research (the relations between visual logic, visual rhetoric and visual dialectics in the field of argumentation theory can be studied).

Datum: 10 september
Plaats: MA-theory St Joost, Breda
Tijd: 11:00 – 13:30 u

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