LVR – 14 jan 2010 – Conferentie presentatie (keynote)

2nd International Design Conference: “Responsibility in Graphic Design”
14-15 Januari 2010, Katowice (Polen)

Samenvatting presentatie van lector Karel van der Waarde:
“Visual information about medicines for patients: harmless mixture or toxic potion?
It is very hard to handle medicines properly without visual information. Leaflets, packaging, websites and pharmacist-labels provide patients with a plethora of texts and images that aim to inform about dosage, correct way of taking, side effects, warnings and storage. Unfortunately, all this information does not seem to result in  “effective instructions and warnings” and frequently leads to confusion and anxiety. Medical errors, persistently increasing costs of medicines, and ineffective use are seen as  unavoidable and part of the system. The current responsibility of graphic designers in this area could be characterized as both “harmless decoration” and as “preventing fatal errors”.”

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