LVR – 15-19 juni 2010 – Conferentie presentatie

Graphic design and visual argumentation: a practical theory

4th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC): “Lending grace to language”

15-19 juni 2010, Nicosia (Cyprus)

Samenvatting presentatie van lector Karel van der Waarde:
‘A structured description of graphic design practice can be used to link practice, education and theory. A long term investigation shows that the activities of graphic designers can be categorized into three main groups. Activities are related to effects on commissioners and beholders/users, related to a visual strategy, or related to visual elements. These three groups seem to be based on the classic division of argumentation theory into visual dialectics, visual rhetoric and visual logic.’
[Karel van der Waarde is a member of the Scientific Committee of this conference.]

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