LVR – 12-14 oktober 2010 – Conferentie presentatie

Information about medicines: legal and visual arguments

Clarity2010: 12-14 oktober 2010, Lissabon (Portugal)

Samenvatting presentatie van lector Karel van der Waarde:
‘Information about medicines, as it appears on medicine packs and in package inserts, is strictly regulated. In Europe, in order to market a medicine, it is obligatory to adhere to regulations, guidelines and templates. These documents prescribe the contents, and provide advice for writing, designing and testing of package leaflets and packaging. Unfortunately, this is not considered from the perspective of the patient, nor of the perspective of ‘best practice’ in fields like ‘plain language’, ‘document design’ or ‘information design’. Poor information about medicines leads to increased costs, increased numbers of mistakes and fatalities, and high waste. Research shows that information about medicines can be improved. Some of this can be within the current regulatory framework, other modifications show the limits and boundaries of the legal construction.’

Karel van der Waarde, together with Susan Kleimann and Caroline Jarrett hosted a seminar on ‘Health and social services’ on Tuesday October 12th.

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