LVR – 21-22 oktober 2010 – Conferentie presentatie

The Visual Design of Information about Medicines

Pharmaceutical Labelling & Packaging:
20 – 21 oktober 2010, Londen (Verenigd Koninkrijk)

Samenvatting presentatie van lector Karel van der Waarde:
‘The development of information about medicines in Europe over the last 20 years has lead to standardized package leaflets and packaging. Conversations with patients, nurses or pharmacists reveal that this information does not optimally enable them to act appropriately. Furthermore, the current framework of directives, guidelines and advice that is meant to aid regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industries is hard to follow and difficult to control.’

Karel van der Waarde hosted a pre-conference workshop on ‘Looking at Information about Medicines: Is It Really What We Want?’ on Tuesday October 20th.

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