LVR – 17 december 2010 – conferentiepresentatie

VisionPlus 2010 ‘Communities, healthcare, mobility’
17-19 December 2010, Ahmedabad (India)

17 december – 13.45 u – Medicine Information for the Lay Person
Karel van der Waarde, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Samenvatting presentatie van lector Karel van der Waarde:
“Information is an essential ingredient of every medicine. Without information, it is impossible to prescribe, dispense, prepare or take medicines. The provision of printed information about medicines for patients started in Europe in the 1980s for all the right intentions. Information about medicines must be ‘full and comprehensible, clear and understandable, and it must enable users to act appropriately’. Although major changes are visible, some of them are of questionable quality. Patients, doctors, pharmacists and nurses do not always receive information in a format that is optimally suitable for them in all circumstances. The fundamental problem is that the motivations of the main stakeholders are different. Patients care about their personal health, the pharmaceutical industry applies economical reasoning, and governments look at information from a legal perspective. These three modes – health, profits and legal – have little in common, and the resulting visual information shows this.”

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