LVR – publicatie – onderzoek in grafisch ontwerpen

Agata Korzenska, Ewa Satelecka(editors)
Research in Graphic design. Graphic design in research
A book based on the presentations at the third International Graphic Design Conference AGRAFA 2012 in Katowice, Poland.


Krzysztof Lenk: Research, Design, and the kind of design we need.
Interview with Ewa Satalecka – the conference curator

– Marian Oslislo: Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice: Opening
– Jorge Frascara (CA): Research, design, and the kind of design we need
– Severin Wucher (DE): The interactive research table: complex museal archives made accessible for a broad audience
– Lucienne Roberts (UK): GraphicDesign&
– Tiina Kymalainen (FI): Smart / intelligent environment research
– Jan Kubasiewicz (USA): Design research is design practice: mapping design intelligence
– Jennifer Williams (AU) & Ian Gwilt (UK): Possible worlds: the yield of visual communication design in trans-disciplinary research
– Anja Stoffler, Kristofer Oedekoven (DE): Moving types – letters in motion. A retrospective of typography in film from the early days of the cinema to the present
– Jussi Angesleva (FI): the Renaissance of space
– Gerard Unger (NL): Research into type design – the exploring designer
– Indra Kupferschmid (DE): Typeface classification
– Guillermina No.l (ARG/CAN): Improving the visual material to assess word comprehension in people with aphasia: a research study
– Marina Emmanouil (TR): Graphic designer + user + specialist(s): Calling for a triple co-operation in the area Of haptic information design
– Alecos Papadatos (GR): Logicomix, a graphic novel
– Karel van der Waarde (NL) Graphic Design and research: love at first sight or an arranged marriage?
– Richard B. Doubleday (USA): A visual investigation of contemporary cultural identity
– Jorge Meza Aguilar (MX): Design education, interdisciplinary work and innovation for social needs
– Marja Seliger (FI): Practice-led research in graphic design
– Gerry Leonidas (UK): A new masters program in typeface design for educators

– Jan Kubasiewicz: Rigorous practice of Research for teachers and doctoral students
– Agata Szydlowska: Writing on design for designers
– Karolina Koniecza: 3d techniques

298 pages, may 2012

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