Rijksakademie – 4juli – Reconstructing the White Cube

Reconstructing the White Cube
Wednesday 4 July, 4 PM, Rijksakademie Amsterdam

The permanent reinvention of the figure of the artist, oscillating between autonomy and heteronomy, takes place against the background of a stable and unchanging presence, a structure that facilitates this Brechtian role-play: the white cube. Van Winkel will argue that the white cube does not deserve its bad reputation, and that it is especially relevant today. His case is supported by an exhibition he recently curated, based on an essay by German philosopher Th.W. Adorno: Valéry Proust Museum / White Cube Fever (Mu.ZEE, Oostende).

Camiel van Winkel (1964, Based in Amsterdam) writes on contemporary art and occasionally curates exhibitions.
He teaches art theory and art philosophy at Sint-Lukas University College of Art and Design in Brussels and is advisor at the Rijksakademie. Camiel recently finished his PhD in the Humanities, University of Amsterdam and was Head of research (‘lector’) in Visual Art at AKV|St.Joost, Avans University, in ’s-Hertogenbosch.
In his latest book: During the Exhibition the Gallery Will Be Closed, Camiel van Winkel uncovers the conceptual roots of contemporary art. He shows that the art of today as a whole is essentially ‘post-conceptual’.

Wouter Davidts (Antwerp, B/Amsterdam, NL) is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at the VU University in Amsterdam.
Wouter Davidts is the author of many books, reviews, journals and exhibition catalogues on contemporary art and architecture and curated several exhibitions.Wouter Davidts pleads for a real public discussion about culture, one that according to him ‘is currently largely and largely more absent’. Amongst other projects, Davidts will write more about studios, the art gallery, the house of the collector, and the Art school.
Wouter Davidts was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning of Ghent University (UGent), where he obtained a PhD on museum architecture. He was a research fellow at several universities such as Goldsmiths, University of London, Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving|St Joost, Avans Hogeschool the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds. Since 2012 he is visiting lecturer at the Drama Department of the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp.

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