LVR – 9/10/11 oktober – Zes lezingen in Zweden

Lector Karel van der Waarde gaf deze week op drie lokaties in Zweden telkens twee lezingen:
Dinsdag 9 oktober: Eskilstuna: Mälardalen University
Woensdag 10 oktober: Stockholm: Södertörn University
Donderdag 11 oktober: Stockholm: Stockholm University

Lezing 1
Title:  “Graphic design: relations between education, research and practice.” (How to teach, investigate and make money in a profession that claims to visualise information for others but can’t visualise itself?)

Short summary lecture 1
Based on the description of common factors in graphic design practice, it is possible to relate available research results directly to the professional activities of graphic designers. Research findings can be used to support convincing arguments. Furthermore, research findings can be used as inspiration for the development of novel visual forms.

Lezing 2
Title: Information about medicines. If you thought that you had seen ‘poor design’, watch this – and it will get worse …

Short summary lecture 2
The visual presentation of information about medicines does not seem to persuade patients to use medicines effectively. An analysis shows that the current regulatory system and its writing-, designing-, and testing processes prevents the development of information about medicines that is suitable and appropriate for patients.

The practical development, different stakeholders and their relations, and visible results were used as a basis for interviews with patients. These interviews show that several assumptions hamper the development of appropriate and convincing visual arguments. Package inserts and medicine packaging seem to ignore the rhetorical principles of effective communication.

In order to inform patients about their medicines it seems essential to develop ‘visual arguments’ that apply a combination of ‘visual logic’ (= graphic elements and their relations), ‘visual rhetoric’ (= a visual strategy) and ‘visual dialectics’ (= relations between stakeholders).