LVR – 2013 IDA Congress Istanbul, 15 november


Graphic design: focus on nine professional reflections?
Graphic designers undertake a wide range of activities in their commerical practice. Examples of these activities are typography, identity management, image editing, and developing visual strategies. This variety presents a rather confusing image of the profession and it is difficult to get a general view ‘what graphic designers actually offer’. For a profession that aims to develop clear visual information for commissioners, it is surprising that the graphic design profession does not seem to be able to develop a consistent visual presentation for its own practice. The lack of such a description makes it difficult to indicate how graphic design can add value to monodisciplinary and multidisciplinairy projects. The same difficulty arises in graphic design education where discussions about the contents of curricula need to be based on a reliable description of professional practice.

A presentation by Karel van der Waarde, Professor of Visual Rhetoric at Avans University of Applied Sciences