AM – lecture – Serendipity & Art – an exploration

Design: Imad Gebrayel

Opening lecture academic year Avans AKV|StJoost masters 2015/16
by Sebastian Olma – professor for Autonomy in Art & Design
1st of september 2015 – 14.00 hr – auditorium AKV|StJoost, Beukenlaan 1, Breda

Serendipity describes the principle of the unsought finding: one finds something new and valuable without explicitly looking for it. As such, serendipity can be understood as an important principle (and paradox) of human creativity. While serendipity’s relevance for art and aesthetic practice may seem evident, it becomes even more palpable if we relate it to Gilles Deleuze’s definition of the ultimate goal of the artist: to create new affects and percepts. In this talk, I am going to introduce the notion of serendipity and explore its importance for contemporary art and design. The question I would like to pose is: To what extent does the notion of serendipity provide a helpful vantage point from where to reassess the position of the artist as creative producer in his/her relation to the world? I am going to find some tentative answers to this question by taking you a tour through a number of paradigmatic current art shows.

Accessible for MA and BA students registered at Avans University and to others on request. For external parties interested please check at if admission is possible.