AM – residency – Dérive Berlin – Imad Gebrayel


Dérive Berlin is a 2 months residency awarded by Belius Foundation Berlin in collaboration with the Research Centre for Art & Design (CAD), Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda/Den Bosch. The award is granted twice annually; each time to one student currently enrolled in Avans University’s Art Academy St. Joost or in one of the Communication and Multimedia Design programs. Dérive Berlin honours excellent performance that – in the eyes of the selection committee – qualifies the candidate for the program.

Imad Gebrayel – selected to work in Berlin in March/April 2016

Through this residency, I would like to explore urban adaptation systems Berlin is organically generating as a reaction to the demographic change and the flow of refugees. Also, I am planning to work with these minorities on a process that expresses a lot of their everyday dynamics maximizing potentials for a fully inclusive citizenship.

Arts and Design in all their manifestations can’t necessarily shake a stagnant perspective structured by media and politics, but design can create effective opportunities on three – or more – channels:

1. Urban integration: designers can plan, organize, structure and produce models that investigate a more homogenous inclusion of minorities in big social frames. Berlin can definitely benefit from the presence of refugees while giving them a secure, stable life. Designers, including myself, can work on making that integration happen, on preparing spaces, logistics and public facilities to be used and developed by and for these minorities.

2. Media influence: Media is highly dependent on visual representations and content. What if designers can influence perception? Tell stories? How can design redirect media attention into small details of the big pictures of social changes in Berlin?

3. Documentation: How can designers/artists make use of data, messaging, public and private spaces and how can they turn a crisis into a series of advantages.

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