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Sunday Times, 08.01.2017 – CULTURE SECTION

by Bryan Appleyard

The web is stifling originality and eroding our sense of self. As the artistic backlash against Silicon Valley gathers pace, are we doomed to cybergeddon?

A small clipping from the article:

„ …. Amid all this, another squib has exploded, a curious­ little book called In Defence of Serendipity: For a Radical Politics of Innovation, by Sebastian Olma, a Dutch writer, critic and professor of Autonomy in Art and Design at Avans University. This is not one argument, it is many, but at its centre is the conviction that the internet is actually working against innovation and originality. Instead, it is promoting what the activist Naomi Klein has called “changeless change”, as giant companies dazzle us with their same-again gadgets to preserve a corporate status quo. Why, when you think about it, would they do otherwise? Committed to a management theory of disruption, they strive to disrupt everything except themselves.

This corporate stasis has cultural symptoms. Olma quotes the philosopher Mark Fisher on the way pop music seems to be frozen in time. “Imagine any record released in the past couple of years being beamed back in time to, say, 1995 and played on the radio. It’s hard to think it will produce any jolt in the listeners… While 20th-century experimental culture was seized by a recombinatorial delirium, which made it feel as if newness was infinitely available, the 21st century is oppressed by a crushing sense of finitude and exhaustion. It doesn’t feel like the future.”