MC – paper presentation – ELIA Academy 8 – Design in Context


Break out 3 – Session: Research

Design in Context
Paper Presentation & Discussion – 5 – 7 July 2017
Barbara Asselbergs and Michel van Dartel
Avans University, Expertise Centre for Art and Design EKV, Netherlands

Situated methods have recently been introduced as a valuable methodological framework to art and design research. The introduction of this new methodological framework can be interpreted as a response to the societal call for artists and designers to more deeply engage with real-world problems, by instigating true social change rather than mere reflection on these problems.

While practitioners can be observed to advance their practices along with this turn toward more situated approaches, their educational counterparts are confronted with the question of how best to prepare aspiring practitioners to develop professional practices based on situated approaches. The research project ‘Design in Context’, that our presentation will discuss in detail, is an investigation into the consequences of integrating such situated methods in art and design pedagogies.

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