AM – exposition – Launch film by Philippine Hoegen at Art Brussels

Crossed Wires
By Philippine Hoegen
Commissioned by Art Brussels, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the fair in 2018.

The film shows an array of people with different perspectives on the Brussels or Belgian art world discuss their own and each other’s practices. What connects them and what divides them? The conditions for working in art here, in relation to the market, to cultural politics etc.

Still of the film Crossed Wires, by Philippine Hoegen

In preparation of the film numerous people were asked the question which persons, places or practices are important for them. Many who were mentioned were asked the same question and so on, resulting finally in a varied assortment of interviews.


The notes for the informal preparatory conversations became the set for the film: a haphazard, subjective mapping, and an apparatus to add to, correct, disagree with and discuss.

The film will be on view on the fair ground from 19 to 22 April at Art Brussels 2018.

The film project is connected to the research that Philippine is doing for Caradt (The self as a Relational Infrastructure in Process). It looks at relationality as a condition for artistic production, and at the art world as an infrastructure, a biotope, which constitutes artistic selves.