AM – conference presentation – Paper presentation Laurens Kolks

Caradt-researcher Laurens Kolks presented his paper Leo Fender: Unsung Hero of Platform-Based Co-Creation at the 13th International Conference on Design Principles & Practices in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Overview presentation

The musical instrument is a salient example of a mass produced object with which many users develop a personal bond. Laurens’ presentation studied the interplay of platform-based design and co-creation by examining the case study of Fender electric guitars.

Although primarily based on rational considerations such as reparability and the economic use of labor, tools, and materials, the design of these instruments started a process of platform-based co-creation. Users can respond to possibilities inherent in the product design. Companies respond to the creativity of users.

Impression of the conference

Within these practices of experimental co-creation feedback loops emerge between customers and businesses that create several types of value: practical, emotional, and economic.