AM – conference presentation – Sebastian Olma, Rob Leijdekkers and YAFF @ Digital Bauhaus Summit in Weimar

Professor Sebastian Olma, Caradt-researcher Rob Leijdekkers and the Dutch collective Young Artists Feed Forward (YAFF) present lectures and workshops at the Digital Bauhaus Summit, June 28/29 in Weimar.

Learning Spaces

On the first conference day, Leijdekkers and Olma will deliver the opening lecture of the track Learning Spaces. As a prelude to the workshop of the Dutch collective Young Artists Feed Forward (YAFF), they will propose some preliminary principles of a pedagogy of disruption (“disruption” being intended here strictly in the non-Californian sense of the term). The objective is not to develop a new general model of Learning Design, but to sketch the ethical, political and pedagogic contours of a Future Learning Design that has the capacity to empower the young generation of artists and designers to break through the aesthetic misery of our time.

On the second day YAFF takes centre stage with The Problem Venue, that will include the first ever public presentation of their manifesto.

The Dutch collective Young Artists Feed Forward (YAFF)

Young Artists Feed Forward (YAFF)

YAFF is a nomadic artists collective working on strategies for injecting artistic autonomy into new possible markets; offering supply without much regard for demand. Works, projects or themes are proposed by individual members and worked out by the group. The collective approach allows for a more defiant attitude and guards against the temptations of easy concessions. Rob Leijdekkers cofounded YAFF in 2018 while investigating possibilities for a timely practice of artistic autonomy in art and design for Caradt.

Digital Bauhaus

Digital Bauhaus is an annual summit for the creative economy. Set in Weimar, home of the original Bauhaus, it focuses on a specific topic each year and features hands-on workshops, keynote talks, panels and ample time and space for exchange and dialogue among the participants. This year the central topic of the summit is Learning Design.