AM – research – Masterstudent Giulia Magro artist in residence in Berlin

Giulia Magro, student at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will take up residency in Berlin this September.

The residency in Berlin, Dérive Berlin, is a residency awarded by the Belius Foundation Berlin in collaboration with Caradt.

Giulia Magro

Giulia Magro has a Bachelor in Science in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. She writes the following about her upcoming residence in Berlin:

“When it comes to sound and vision, I have always thought of Berlin as crazily disruptive. Indeed, I think it’s the city’s intrinsic contrasts and contradictions that make it so attractive for artist and makers: historically, its past division and recent reunification or, architecturally, its Bauhaus buildings and graffiti undergrounds, or, culturally, its silent mourning and loud music.

As well, I love defining “disruptive” also my videomaking practice. While it is formally based on the cinematic language, it aims to frame the “are-you-watching-closely” situations in my immediate surroundings. I am currently working on short looped videos and I am deepening the research on how to daze and amaze my viewers in a visually, soundly, timely, experimental way.

During my residency in Berlin, I am planning not only to expand my on-going anthology of disruptive looped videos, but also to record the silence, to shoot in the dark and to arrest the flow of time.”


Dérive Berlin is intended as a residency allowing the artist or designer to immerse her/himself in the creative urban space of the German capital in order to generate new impulses for their artistic/aesthetic work.

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