BAD – conference presentation – Coloured by Flavo

Professor Elvin Karana from the research group Biobased Artd and Design and Hauke Smidt from Wageningen University will present the project Coloured by Flavo at the NWO Smart Culture Conference on 6 November.

This year’s NWO Smart Culture conference is organised in close cooperation with Beyond Human Festival. Focus of the Beyond Human Festival is how future technology will impact human life.

Coloured By Flavo project

The Coloured by Flavo project receives funding from the Smart Culture – Art and Culture research programme of NWO.

In the project Coloured by flavo: The Art and Science of Structural Colours from Flavobacteria, scientists, artists and designers work together. The project is a collaboration of Caradt with Wageningen University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

The aim of the project is to make new bio-based dyes from bacteria. Because all contemporary dyes are ecologically unsustainable. Students and professionals are invited to create innovative designs with these coloured bacteria.

More information about the conference.