AM – exhibition – Video impression of performance by Philippine Hoegen @ DIS_SEMINAR

Philippine Hoegen of Caradt’s autonomy research group showed her solo performance Ventriloquists III at DIS_Seminar in Amsterdam. DIS_Seminar is an exhibition organized by the platform Art ≈ Research about and with alternative forms of dissemination of artistic research.

Video impression Ventriloquist III

Ventriloquists III is a performance, that is both a research method, a product and a presentation of a research project entitled The Self as a Relational Infrastructure in Process. As such, it is based on a practice-based enquiry into the production of different versions of the self, including the technologies and processes used to produce these versions. How are we to understand the self in the context of the existence of (its) multiple versions.

Research context

In the research Hoegen approaches and activates performance explicitly as a research strategy: a way of thinking that involves the physical. The question we would like to discuss is what happens to the sharability and digestibility of a complex discourse on subjectivity and personhood when researched/presented through performance? And what is the (feedback) effect of this form on the content of the research?