AM – presentation – Philippine Hoegen @ instagram live series SCORES FOR ISOLATION 22-4

The publication Another Version: Thinking Through Performing, by researcher and artist Philippine Hoegen will be used as a tool and a lens, to address our current collective situation of confinement in Scores for Isolation, a series of 6 instagram live broadcasts. Introduction to the series is on Wednesday April 22, 18.00, instagram live @onomatopeenet.

Podcast series

The series offers scores and exercises to listeners to be tried ‘at home’ and applying the notion of multiple selves and performative research strategies. We will explore and discuss this state of intermediacy. Each episode will have a different focus – Where’s the Arena?; Stuck with My Selves; Doing Time; Mad Mode; Speculations and Track and Trace.

Viewers are invited to participate through the live feed or by emailing to and different guests will be welcomed to join us in the broadcast.

ANOTHER VERSION: Thinking Through Performing

The publication ANOTHER VERSION: Thinking Through Performing by Philippine Hoegen, approaches performance as a method of producing different versions of the self, referred to as ‘versioning’. It explores technologies and processes that produce such versions, and asks the question of how to understand the self within this multiplicity. ANOTHER VERSION: Thinking Through Performing proposes strategies of versioning as a means of attaching gesture, speech or lived experience to our own questions or problems, approaching performance and performative strategies as ways of doing research.

More information about the series can be found on facebook.